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Is this gluten free – explanation

Is this gluten free – explanation I think this is a very technical explanation and approach to gluten. How gluten impacts children and What is Sensitivity, Intolerance, Reaction to Gluten protein. Is gluten in all grains? Yes! Are oats gluten free or not? No! Great Video. NEXT … **************************************************************

How to Start Eating Gluten-Free

READ MORE… ************************************************************************* 1. Know which foods contain gluten. 2. Know what you can eat. 3. Oats may or may not be gluten free. Check that they are labelled “gluten free” 4. Avoid processed foods 5. Stick to whole unprocessed Foods 6. Get familiarized with Gluten-Free products

The Gluten Free Bible

READ MORE… // // ************************************************************************* If you’re like me… I wanted to make sure that I had all the information on hand to make sure that I can confidently eat gluten free food, and know that I am not accidentally poisoning myself with hidden gluten. With the information included in this ebook, you can be… Read More »