gluten free result in weight gain

By | February 20, 2015

Why does eating gluten free result in weight gain?
Weight gain on the gluten free diet can be tracked back to two things.

  1. First is that your intestines have started to heal and are now absorbing more of the nutrients that your are putting into your system.
  2. Second it also means you are absorbing all the calories as well.

Even though you are absorbing more nutrients and calories from your food, People do not change their eating patterns.
If it usually takes two helpings of food to feel full and maintain enough energy during the day, they need to re-learn and train their system to understand that they
no-longer need to eat that way.
The second part is what we actually eat. Studies have found that individuals on a gluten free diet, often chose many processed higher calories foods, such as gluten free doughnuts, cookies etc using alternate gluten free grains and flours, additionally many of the staple gluten free products have more fat and sugar added to them to replicate the texture of the wheat based products. Both of these things add up to extra calories, so we need to be very careful about what we eat, when we eat and how much.

Some more information that may be of interest to you is to research “Leaky Gut”. One of the principles of leaky gut is the hole in the wall principle. The gluten intolerance can cause a hole in the wall scenario that your bodies immune system fights to create a secondary barrier to foreign material. If you go gluten free then eat new different gluten free grains, it can cause your system to show intolerance to the new gluten free grains. You can understand more about this theory by following the link to a video by Dr David Clark, DC. Gluten Free Diet Mistake #1


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