Robyn O’Brian – Supporting organic agriculture


Farmers growing food organically, which means by law without the use of genetically engineered ingredients, Roundup weedkiller and other toxic and synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, are charged fees to prove their products are safe then fees to label them.

While our taxpayer dollars support a food system that is jacked up on genetically engineered ingredients and the products needed to grow them.

Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

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Headache and Sensitivities to Gluten and Dairy

Case Report Gluten Headache

Dietary factors are known triggers for migraine head-aches. The most commonly implicated foods are wheat and dairy products. We present a case study of a patient with a 30-year history of debilitating migraine head-aches who showed no benefit from various pharmaceu-tical interventions. Special panels for gluten and cross-reactive foods and a multiple autoimmune reactivity screen revealed significantly high levels of antibodies against wheat proteomes, transglutaminase, and dairy-related antigens. Not only did the implementation of a gluten-free and dairy-free diet result in an amelioration of the migraine headache symptomatology, the clinical improvements correlated with a significant decline in the levels of a majority of the previously elevated anti-bodies. This finding indicates that diet plays a significant role in a subgroup of patients with migraine headaches.

Download the report by David Perlmutter,MD, FACN, ABIHM; Aristo Vojdani,PhD, MSc, CLS

The Gluten Free Lie – Unhealthy Foods Are Keeping You Sick

I would love Glutenology to create a presentation on foods that are balanced and safe to eat so that we aren’t all wasting away eating just fruits and vegetables.

Thank You So Much for posting this! This answered so much for me about corn. Although gluten-free for over a year now, I? was still having random problems and I kept thinking it was somehow linked to corn. I thought maybe GMO’s so I tried to be as diligent as possible about only having non-gmo corn products, but I would still occasionally have trouble. And I had no idea about the other grains as well. So eye-opening!!

What GLUTEN was doing to me

I had reactive hypoglycemia caused by gluten sensitivity. My personal exerience with going gluten free.

Serge Rivest 4 months ago
Thumbs up about finding root? cause. Way to go.

CJEB4 3 months ago
This is helpful to me because I’ve been having many strange symptoms recently, feeling like I’m starving, headaches, weak and tired to the point of almost passing out tingling legs, arms and lips, depression, anxiety and extreme irritability. I gained 50 lbs over the past year and haven’t been able to lose it. I was thinking thyroid, but now? I’m not so sure. I’ll have to cut gluten out of my diet and see how it goes. It’s hard because I also crave it and continue to eat it after I know I’m full.

Food Allergies Truth


Dr Vincent Bellonzi D.c., C.C.N.
I want to talk to you tonight about food allergies. If you talk to a conventional allergist their going to tell you that there is no allergy unless there is a skin response. There going to tell you that you can effectively test food allergies. If you talk to other people they are going to tell you that the skin test is not really valid and that there are other ways to test. The truth is that both are right. On one hand we can’t effectively test food allergies through the skin. The skin tests an antibody called IGE and looks at the type-1 response, and that’s better for testing grasses, trees, mould. Things that you get a runny nose from the environment.

If we are going to look at food we usually have to look at the blood. We pick the major antibody in the blood which is called IGG. This is called a type-2 response. The reason that I am telling you this is that you can be allergy in one or both. You could be eating things that prime the immune system. If you prime the immune system you are making it ready to react to a threat or virus. If we look at priming by foods, you may be eating a food that is priming your immune system and keeping you over reacting to everything in your environment. That’s what we find happens. You eat the food, you prime the immune system and you body is much more on guard for anything that may show up.

Your immune system is hyper reactive and over-reacts, you have to lay down and you can’t function, Headache, nose running. All this because of a little pollen. What we find is if we test these foods and have you eliminate them for a short time, usually 2 to 3 months but I would prefer 4 months, we see the whole immune system become functional again. Everything calms down. The over reaction stops.

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