The Gluten Free Bible

The Gluten-Free Bible: The All-in-One Guide to Enjoying Fabulous Food without Gluten

The Gluten Free Bible

I wanted to make sure that I had all the information on hand to make sure that I can confidently eat gluten free food, and know that I am not accidentally poisoning myself with hidden gluten.

With the information included in The Gluten-Free Bible: The All-in-One Guide to Enjoying Fabulous Food without Gluten you can be assured that you will be equipped to avoid gluten.

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Ann Boroch Nutritionist – Candida What Is It?

Uploaded on 30 Mar 2011 Author and nutritionist Ann Borochexpalains what Candida is and how diet can help eliminate candida overgrowth, and in turn, take care of a number of other conditions candida causes.

Video Summary Transcript.
Talk about some of the problems that we face. So what is Candida and what do we need to do about it. The first process is to look at what you eat.I was the poster child for Candida. “In my own Journey, I had multiple sclerosis at 24,and Epstein-Barr at 18. I had over 100 antibiotics and was a sugar addict by 18” When I look back I probably think it was at 18 that I had my first Multiple sclerosis episode.
I followed this program of no sugar and [gluten] for a year, which made me feel better.

This book the Yeast Connection Handbook by Dr William Cook, fell into my lap, and I took this questionnaire and I almost cried because I realised what was happening to me.

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Headache and Sensitivities to Gluten and Dairy

Case Report Gluten Headache

Dietary factors are known triggers for migraine head-aches. The most commonly implicated foods are wheat and dairy products. We present a case study of a patient with a 30-year history of debilitating migraine head-aches who showed no benefit from various pharmaceu-tical interventions. Special panels for gluten and cross-reactive foods and a multiple autoimmune reactivity screen revealed significantly high levels of antibodies against wheat proteomes, transglutaminase, and dairy-related antigens. Not only did the implementation of a gluten-free and dairy-free diet result in an amelioration of the migraine headache symptomatology, the clinical improvements correlated with a significant decline in the levels of a majority of the previously elevated anti-bodies. This finding indicates that diet plays a significant role in a subgroup of patients with migraine headaches.

Download the report by David Perlmutter,MD, FACN, ABIHM; Aristo Vojdani,PhD, MSc, CLS

Gluten Free Diet Mistake #1 by Dr David Clark, DC

The information in this video is for educational purposes only. It is not a substitute for actual medical care, nor is it medical advice. Always consult a trained healthcare professional.

Hi Everyone, Dr Clark here. Today I am going to share with you the big gluten free diet mistake #1 that everyone seems to make.
That is when they stop eating gluten, they immediately start eating gluten free grains, Quinoa, millet, things like that. The reason you don’t want to do that you are very quickly and easily going to develop some new food sensitivities to those gluten free grains. Why that happens is because you probably have a “leaky gut” that has not been healed.

So here’s what you want to understand. When you develop “Gluten Sensitivity”. Almost 100% of the time you start to produce what is called a leaky gut. Here’s what that is. If you could imagine in your intestines is like a great wall of china, a brick wall lining your intestine. Not a lot of stuff is suppose to get across the wall. Something can get across, but not a lot is supposed to get across. If you could imagine a hole being punched into that wall or some mortar falling out between the bricks.

Some things that are travelling through your GI Tract pass through onto the other side of the wall. Who is waiting on the other side of the wall? The Immune System.
Their not going to like that, What ever that big thing is that is not suppose to come through normally as an invader. The immune system is going to try to attack it. This is a situation of “Increased Intestinal Permeability”. It is a huge source of inflammation.

How do you get a leaky gut, well, exposure to antibiotics do it, having an autoimmune condition like sjogrens or rheumatoid, MS. That’s how you get an autoimmune condition. But also just having gluten sensitivity very often leads to leaky gut. So how do you know that you have a gluten sensitivity problem. Well, you can tell from your GI symptoms or lack there of. GI symptoms are the least common presentation of gluten sensitivity, and, it doesn’t matter if you have been tested for celiacs, because Celiacs is only one kind of gluten sensitivity. The best way to get tested is a lab in Arizona called Cyrex Labs that does really good testing for gluten sensitivity. But beyond that, what we are talking about is the mistake you make when you think hey, I am going to switch from eating gluten to gluten free. When you do that, there is a good chance that you have this persisting leaky gut. When you have a leaky gut and you eat these gluten free grains, with a hole in the wall, there is a good chance that you will develop new sensitivities to the gluten free grains, Quinoa, millet, potato or rice.

So what do you do. When you go on a gluten free diet. You don’t start eating all these gluten free alternatives. What you should do is completely avoid those grains for thirty days, and you should be working with someone that can help you make sure that you have a leaky gut handled. There should be someone that can help you with that, make sure they are someone that really understands it.

You don’t want to go from eating gluten to eating gluten free pasta or gluten free bread. Because you will develop some new sensitivities and then after a month you will say well, I don’t really feel that much better, I am going to go back to gluten. Well the reason you don’t probably feel better is because you still had a leaky gut and you developed an inflammatory problem with these new things added. You traded one inflammation for another inflammation and the results weren’t that much different.

For those of you that have already gone onto a gluten free diet, it was like a huge turn around and its a totally new world. You probably got lucky and didn’t produce to much sensitivity…

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gluten free result in weight gain

Why does eating gluten free result in weight gain?
Weight gain on the gluten free diet can be tracked back to two things.

  1. First is that your intestines have started to heal and are now absorbing more of the nutrients that your are putting into your system.
  2. Second it also means you are absorbing all the calories as well.

Even though you are absorbing more nutrients and calories from your food, People do not change their eating patterns.
If it usually takes two helpings of food to feel full and maintain enough energy during the day, they need to re-learn and train their system to understand that they
no-longer need to eat that way.
The second part is what we actually eat. Studies have found that individuals on a gluten free diet, often chose many processed higher calories foods, such as gluten free doughnuts, cookies etc using alternate gluten free grains and flours, additionally many of the staple gluten free products have more fat and sugar added to them to replicate the texture of the wheat based products. Both of these things add up to extra calories, so we need to be very careful about what we eat, when we eat and how much.

Some more information that may be of interest to you is to research “Leaky Gut”. One of the principles of leaky gut is the hole in the wall principle. The gluten intolerance can cause a hole in the wall scenario that your bodies immune system fights to create a secondary barrier to foreign material. If you go gluten free then eat new different gluten free grains, it can cause your system to show intolerance to the new gluten free grains. You can understand more about this theory by following the link to a video by Dr David Clark, DC. Gluten Free Diet Mistake #1


Food Allergies Truth


Dr Vincent Bellonzi D.c., C.C.N.
I want to talk to you tonight about food allergies. If you talk to a conventional allergist their going to tell you that there is no allergy unless there is a skin response. There going to tell you that you can effectively test food allergies. If you talk to other people they are going to tell you that the skin test is not really valid and that there are other ways to test. The truth is that both are right. On one hand we can’t effectively test food allergies through the skin. The skin tests an antibody called IGE and looks at the type-1 response, and that’s better for testing grasses, trees, mould. Things that you get a runny nose from the environment.

If we are going to look at food we usually have to look at the blood. We pick the major antibody in the blood which is called IGG. This is called a type-2 response. The reason that I am telling you this is that you can be allergy in one or both. You could be eating things that prime the immune system. If you prime the immune system you are making it ready to react to a threat or virus. If we look at priming by foods, you may be eating a food that is priming your immune system and keeping you over reacting to everything in your environment. That’s what we find happens. You eat the food, you prime the immune system and you body is much more on guard for anything that may show up.

Your immune system is hyper reactive and over-reacts, you have to lay down and you can’t function, Headache, nose running. All this because of a little pollen. What we find is if we test these foods and have you eliminate them for a short time, usually 2 to 3 months but I would prefer 4 months, we see the whole immune system become functional again. Everything calms down. The over reaction stops.

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