The most organised veggie patch on the block


I am always looking for veggie patch ideas, and I came across an image on Pinterest that took my fancy. Almost every vegge garden that I look at is untidy, messy and unorganised, it’s almost like every vegge gardener with a green thumb lives like a slob or is totally oblivious to the mess that is around them. Well I would just like to say that my view on this has changed. I have found the most organised vegge patch on the block and it is almost picturesque enough to be called ornamental.

I am pretty impressed and thought it should be promoted here. I am sure the veggies will taste the same but they will be easier to pick and better identified when it is time to tell if they are ready. The white fence is a nice touch.

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vegan recipes: Baked Butternut Mac & Cheeze

Here’s a sample of the 60+ comfort food recipes in this amazing collection:

Did I mention that EVERY SINGLE recipe in this book contains a mouth-watering photo as well? No more humming and hawing over a recipe to decide if it’s worth making or not! Let your eyes decide for you!


vegan recipes: Baked Butternut Mac & Cheeze