How can I be sure that my food is going to be gluten free?
Schar club members and Facebook followers were surveyed.

  • 60% said they didn’t feel safe that they were going to get a gluten free meal when they went out.
  • 50% of people surveyed would not dine out because they couldn’t trust that the menu was cross contaminated.
  • 30%+ said they would dine out for the social aspect, but they would bring their own meal.

We have to be careful in making the kitchen understand what is Gluten free. We should ask the restaurant if they have a gluten free menu. We should check to see if they understand the concept of cross contamination and the real concerns that we have and assessing the waiter and staff to see if they really get what Gluten free is.

  • Get a feel for if you think the waiter understands the concept of living gluten free.
  • Ask questions, start out by letting them know that you are excited about them having a gluten free menu.
  • Ask them how sure they are that nothing is going to get cross contaminated back in the kitchen? The response to this will let you know how well trained the staff is. How gluten friendly the restaurant really is. How much they really know.
  • Let them know that you are going to get sick if you even have a little speck of gluten. How confident are you that I am not going to get sick? Their response to this should let you know if you should continue with the dining experience.
  • Trust your instincts when it come to making the final decision.

What do you do if the menus don’t have anything gluten free.