The face of home grown Vege Gardens is changing. The population is flocking to the suburbs and that means land sizes are smaller and buildings take up more area on the land. Something has to go. It seems that the piece in the design that is being left out is the yard and gardens. Now for a lot of suburban dwellings the garden consists of a hedge to divide the yards and provide privacy from the neighbours. Very little room left for a humble vege patch. I can remember when I was little going into the back garden and harvesting the corn with my dad, or picking the strawberries with my mum. We had enough area in the garden to us a petrol cultivator, I would spend the afternoon churning up the soil ready for my dad to plant the corn, after he reworked everything I had already dug so that it was straight. It is something that children in the suburbs today may never see.

So I think it is time, we need some inspiration, tips and trick on home grown vege gardens. If you have the green thumb in your family, please share your knowledge with us, so that we can all benefit from your green wisdom. I will try to collect as much information from the web, but the sweet spot will come from our home grown audience.

I found these images on  I love the layout of this garden, Neat and structured with the timber beds, Just make sure the timber that you are using is H4 treated to last outside, but doesn’t include Arsenic or other chemicals that will then be absorbed by your veges and make you sick. Sitting the beds on stones helps with drainage.

The vertical garden is ideal for small areas to make the maximum use of space. My brother in-law has taken this concept for use in his charity to provide food for the masses. Give your support to


I found an interesting site that provides a calendar of planting and harvest for Australia,  Check out

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