Ann Boroch Nutritionist – Candida What Is It?

Uploaded on 30 Mar 2011 Author and nutritionist Ann Borochexpalains what Candida is and how diet can help eliminate candida overgrowth, and in turn, take care of a number of other conditions candida causes.

Video Summary Transcript.
Talk about some of the problems that we face. So what is Candida and what do we need to do about it. The first process is to look at what you eat.I was the poster child for Candida. “In my own Journey, I had multiple sclerosis at 24,and Epstein-Barr at 18. I had over 100 antibiotics and was a sugar addict by 18” When I look back I probably think it was at 18 that I had my first Multiple sclerosis episode.
I followed this program of no sugar and [gluten] for a year, which made me feel better.

This book the Yeast Connection Handbook by Dr William Cook, fell into my lap, and I took this questionnaire and I almost cried because I realised what was happening to me.

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